Raid Japan Battle Hog 2.6

Raid Japan Battle Hog 2.6"

The High Impact Rubber Bait BATTLE HOG (Battle Hog) is perfect for the Texas Rig assembly.

Its compact shape makes it very easy to mount on an offset hook and with its 2.6 "length it is ideal for our perches. Rubber crabs have been popular for a while for finesse fishing on Egli. Especially at much fished spots, they offer the perfect alternative to the classic rubber fish. The gripping arms of the Battle Hog are very massive and react very strongly even to the finest movements with the rod tip. Its unique, asymmetrical design makes the arms vibrate during the sinking phase, which is very seductive to our predators. When cranking the Battle Hog knocks heavily on the water and tempts the perch to aggressive attacks.
The side arms provide resistance in the water and prolong the sinking phase. Furthermore, they generate very fine water movements, which causes the Battle Hog to emit vibrations even when slowly guided.
The rubber compound is very soft and yet resistant and very much offset with squid flavor.
In our opinion one of the best rubber crabs for targeted fishing for perch and co. on the market!


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