Zander softbaits

Zander softbaits

Zander softbaits are especially well suited for zander fishing. Basically, there are two different fishing techniques for spin fishing on zander. The classic fishing with jig head over the water bottom with rubber fish. Here, rubber fish are chosen with a smaller tail than in pike fishing. In vertical "pelagic-fishing" the zander is detected by means of echosounder and fished so to speak on sight. The soft bait is left exactly to the corresponding depth and offered directly to the fish. Here are slightly larger rubber bait with pintail, paddle tail or V-tail chosen because the rubber bait already responds to fine water movements or is animated by short, powerful strokes with the rod to provoke the zander.


  • Softshads
    <div class="rte" style="color: #3f3f3f;"> <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" tabindex="-1">Softshads are perfect for pike fishing with jig head - also called "jigging". You let the rubber fish jump over the ground. Especially when the pike are close to the ground, jigging for pike is particularly effective.</span></p> </div>
  • Softbait for Pelagic fishing
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" tabindex="-1">Pelagic Softbaits are particularly suitable for the vertical Pelagic soft bait. They are usually slightly larger and equipped with a pintail, paddle tail or V-tail. They are offered in medium water as large pike and zander as possible. They react with their fine tail tip even on the water movements.</span></p>
  • Swimbaits
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" tabindex="-1">Swimbaits are fished in the middle water, where the big fish stand. When fishing for zander they can almost exclusively be hauled, as zander basically do not come close to the surface during the daytime. Zander are light-shy, so they stay in daylight near the ground or in shady places. Only in the evening can you find them in the riparian zones. Therefore Swimbaits must be towed during the day in order to reach the light-afraid Zander.</span></p>

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