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Raid Japan Level Minnow

Raid Japan Level Minnow

 The Level Minnow by Raid Japan convinces with its beautiful design and high-tech interior. It shows a beautifully rolling rolling action and can be wonderfully animated with short "jerks". The perfect wobbler when the predators are near the surface. The Raid Japan Level Minnow is equipped with some special features:

Magnetic-throwing mechanism:
When throwing the Begwegungsgewicht explosively to the rear end of the wobbler. As a result, the trajectory of the Level Minnow is extremely straight and therefore far. The balance, the body shape, the blade angle and the distribution of the weights are all designed to achieve the highest possible throw distances. This is usually match-decisive in our big waters. Especially in windy conditions, the level Minnow will make a certain difference.

Running behavior:
In general, the Level Minnow is notable for its length and very strong rolling action. It responds extremely fast to our rod movements and is therefore ideal for spots where there is limited space. If we hit a spot where there are fish, we can quickly bring the Level Minnow to the desired spot with a quick cranking motion, where he flanks very sideways and additionally provokes the predatory fish by short flashes of the side flanks. If we then take a short break, the level Minnow remains floating on the spot to stay in the field of view of the robber as long as possible. The perfect balance allows this species to fish even in flowing waters. Of course, the level Minnow is also perfect for jerking in open waters, where he can be fished very aggressive. A jerkbait that takes the versatility of a simple jerkbait to a whole new level.

Running Depth:
The structure of the dip lip is very special at Level Minnow when you look closely. The eyelet is mounted above the bucket, which allows the minnow to steeper angle as it descends, offering less resistance. As high a depth as possible and as little resistance as possible are always the goal of a jerkbait. The level Minnow reached by this special constellation despite a short diving shovel a depth of up to 1.5mt and still can be beautifully animate.



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