Sunline Siglon PE X4 150mt light green

Sunline Siglon PE X4 150mt light green

The new Siglon PE X4 braided line from Sunline convinces with an absolutely unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Your predecessor - the Super PE - has already inspired us. The new Siglon PE even surpasses our expectations.

Some things have changed in comparison to the "older" model. Sunline is always working on the latest development techniques to get the most out of a braided line. The following points could be improved with the new Siglon PE X4:

> Uniform and smooth surface - the Siglon PE X4 is very evenly braided and therefore has a particularly smooth surface. For different samples, the diameters differed extremely minimally. Also in comparison to other manufacturers it cuts off excellently.

> High rigidity - this seems a disadvantage at first, but it is not. The opposite is the case. Due to its higher rigidity, the Siglon PE X4 achieves significantly higher casting distances. We were able to observe this while fishing and were surprised. Furthermore, the braided line is much less likely to intertwine on the roll and contributes to a clean winding of the line on the roll.

> Low stretch - the stretch could be reduced even further, resulting in even greater sensitivity and sensitivity when fishing. Ideal for finesse rigs where bait contact and bite detection are match-matching.

> Higher abrasion resistance - the Siglon PE X8 was able to achieve even higher load capacities when testing abrasion resistance than the Super PE.

Because of these sensational features, the new Sunline Siglon PE X4 is currently among the best braided lines on the market. However, compared to its competitors, it is up to 50% cheaper - an incredible value for money, where no one can match!


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