RealLife - use the patterns that catch fish!

These skinz will conform to all shape and material lures. Wood, metal, lead and plastic are no problem. When removed there is no residue and no damage to the existing lure finish.

There are sizes to cover small jigs up to large stickbaits, poppers and swimbaits.

JigSkinz are the best way to add new life to old, worn-out lures

This incredible innovation is the first of many JigSkinz® products that allows refitting, refurbishing and customization of any well used lure. Simply shrink a RealLife JigSkinz lure skin in seconds over any lure using only hot water to make it better than new!

  • Refinish your old, worn lures
  • Customize lures to the patterns that catch fish
  • Available in many colors and realistic saltwater and freshwater baitfish patterns
  • Easy install - simply wrap over your lure and dip in hot water to shrink
  • Sold 4 per package


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