Dolive Hog 2.5"

Dolive Hog 2.5"

Do-Live Hog, condensing bite-inducing element!

Good hog type soft bait has two main elements, variety of action created by each parts and strong water displacement generated by the movement of two paddles. After seeking for these performances “Do-Live Hog” was born as an ultimate bite-enticing- hog with a new impact. Hula skirts contribute not only to delicate temptation and strong water displacement, but also to increase bite chance by generating only action with its body wobble by water pressure in the course of falling down shot rig with over 3.5 g or swimming of Carolina rig. The paddles, which are the most important part of hog type soft bait, can direct any kind of action by rod work like escaping action kicking up and down strongly or subtle action enticing bass in a short range.
As for the effect of water displacement, paddles stir up the water in various directions by moving flexibly and appeal to bass. Long and short legs act lively because they moves different rhythm and twin curly tails is designed very sensitive even when you move it slowly. Here, bite-inducing element is tightly condensed into a compact body “Do-Live Hog” has made its debut!

Fish attractant
The flavor and taste is more realistic by blending the powder of real shrimp and squid in material. It entices firm bite without hesitation.

Recommended rig
Drop shot rig, texas rig, jighead rig, leaderless-down shot rig, Carolina rig.


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