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"tailwalk" - entered 8 years in hard and intense competed Japanese market - is supported from Japanese and worldwide market.
We always make effort to run toward making what realistic products anglers want.

Our products are made of information and wanted from our field testers.
We can develop the latest product very quickly and give confidence stand to hard test of them.
It has carried to the fullest, without having to skimp the best material on the situation to the standard model from the high-end model.
Our products are used only FUJI guides accepted the highest in worldwide. Lined up the newest guides -TORZITE ring and KR concept guides.
With the cooperation of many factory, we select the best production line in that style and genre.
In addition, the distribution route of only our can provide best price.
The same hardly criterion of total quality control have been made even as the standard price to hi-end price.
All things be made of the human…It has been made strict quality control, because we know the difficulty and pleasure of rod-making that come from by hand-made in Japan.
Challenging to the big fish, quality, market, price, new category, new design…
It can be only tailwalk.
We continue to always have the passion of challenging bright and quickly.


  • Tailwalk Fullrange BC
    <p>FULLRANGE is BASS-FISHING ROD series from TAILWALK.<br /> But FULLRANGE series are so good for other target - PIKE, PERCH, ZANDER, SEABASS, BARRAMUNDY, SNOOK... <br /> These RODS are covered every situation and method with 27 items, also each item has general versatility.<br /> There are 18-Baitcasting models and 9-Spinning models , which covered from SMALL WORM RIG to BIG BAITS, also covered from small ponds ,river,reservoir ,to big lake.<br /> We think , the essence of BASS FISHING is permanent terms , so we make and hope FULLRANGE as long term your favorite.<br /> <br /> FULLRANGE combines the proven performance features -<br /> ・RIGHT MATERIAL in THE RIGHT ITEMS<br /> ・HIGH VERSATILE ABILITY on EACH ITEM<br /> ・SYNTHETIC CAPABILITY on FULLRANGE SERIES<br /> ・TOUGHNESS and POWERFUL against BIG-BASS FIGHTING<br /> ・LIGHTWEIGHT for EASY CASTING and GOOD HANDLING on FULL-DAY USING<br /> ・COMFORT ROD BALANCE and GOOD HANDLING GRIP LENGTH.<br /> ・SUITABLE GUIDE SETTING for FISHING METHOD of EACH ITEM.<br /> ・FUJI SiC guides are attached on all items .</p>

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