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    <p>The Matchfishing Rods are usually a bit longer to reach the largest Casting Distance. The Advantage of a lot small Rings on a Matchfishing rod is the Precision of the Cast. They have a tough Blank to achieve the required catapult effect.There are Telescopic Rods and Multipiece Match Rods. The Action of the Multi-piece Rod is mostly much better. But the Telescopic Rods are more convenient in Transportation.In the online store of you can find a large selection of Matchfishing Rods in various lengths and casting weights.</p>
  • Telescopic Rods
    <p>Telescopic Fishing Rods are very convenient for the Transport. Several Parts are inserted in each other. So the Telescopic Fishing Rod gets very compact and usually shorter than a "normal" Fishing Rod. Telescopic Rods are very popular as Travel Rods and for Fishermen, who are constantly in Movement. Especially Fishermen who fish at Strams often prefer Telescopic Fishing Rods. In the online store of you'll find a selection of telescopic rods, which are perfect for those conditions.</p>
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  • Travel rods
    <p>Travel rods are rods with several parts. They are very pratically for holidays and travelling generally. They get very popular these days. Normally there is included also a transport tube for safety.</p>
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