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Duo Realis Jerkbait 100SP - Pike Limited

Duo Realis Jerkbait 100SP - Pike Limited

This is a highly responsive jerkbait which is capable of handling various retrieval speeds. We were after a lure which has consistent swimming while creating a distinctive wake through its natural wobben’ rolling action. It induces a bite from the target through not only its cranking characteristics, but also the sharp flashing and darting action unique to the fixed weight system. 

Through the exquisite weight balance and body design we were able to realize a casting distance which rival those of the moving weight system lures, allowing anglers to utilize it as a productive search-bait.  

Although it will work as an all-round lure, you will notice its true potential when the fish are reluctant to bite during the spring season with the low water temperatures and against the spooked fish in high pressure zones. 

Shoot it into your spot and we are confident that it will deliver you a bite.

Flat Side Body

We have employed a super flat side body which creates a strong flashing and water pushing effect while having a natural action. It will attract bass from a vast area.


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