Rapture Seals

Rapture Seals

The windows on both the sides of the reel seat offer direct contact with the blank, allowing the user to receive a myriad of information about the lure’s swimming and on any possible contact with the submerged features.

And it’s the sensible tip that intercepts all signals, while the structure of the rod, made from CX-1 Micro Pitch carbon, sends them along the blank without any dispersion. But the most welcomed message is the strike of the predator, the first goal of the Rapture testers who strongly wanted this series of long rods, with Extra Fast action, intended for long range fishing with hard and soft lures, at ease in Pike and Zander spinning but also in the Seabass hunt from the cliffs. Details and finishes of high technology value with unique ergonomic Sea Guide XSS reel seat, featuring double locking screw, and single leg Sea Guide stainless steel frame guides. The high density EVA split handle is prepared for two hand’s casting action.


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