Rapture Signal Master Sense

Rapture Signal Master Sense

Signal Master Sense series is designed for finesse fishing techniques and in particular to cast lightweight lures at distance with accuracy time after time, such as fishing for asp where you need to casts and casts again.

Signal is true allrounder, perfect to fish up to 15g with hard baits or medium heavy drop-shot style for big fish, with an excellent balance and reliable tool. Entirely made with CX-1 Micro Pitch Carbon, the butt section has been reinforced through a special carbon reinforcement, to maintain the maximum lightness and sensitivity with the backbone necessary to have a perfect hook set and control to play with hard fighters. Signal Master Sense is fitted with quality components, the new long leg and anti-tangle K profile guides with SiC inserts are the best solution with braided, the guide combination between sizing and spacing eliminates wind knots, reducing line coils to allow for smooth and accurate casts. The handle grips are a mix of quality cork and eva to enhance feeling and comfort.


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