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Rapture Ambition

Ambition is designed for Finesse fishing style techniques and in particular to enhance the bait control. To achieve the target the Rapture Team has been working hard and developed a unique action, starting from a fine solid tip to get the maximum sensitivity and down through the tip and the butt section, built with a fast taper to progressively increase power without compromising the total weight.

This has been possible just using the latest rod building technologies and materials available, in fact Ambition is entirely made with the high modules CX-1 Micro Pitch Carbon. So Ambition is ideally suited to drop-shot fishing from the bank, targeting small and medium size preys such as perch, zander and occasionally pikes especially during the cold months. At the same time Ambition is perfectly suited to fishing for trout in rivers, where the extra length helps accuracy and bait control. Ambition is fitted with quality components, the tangle-free SiC guides are designed to be used with braided but suit mono too, the handle grips are a mix of quality cork and eva to enhance feeling and comfort.


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