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  • Daikichi Streamer H7041
    <p>Streamer fly fishing hooks in bronzed colour, specially for Streamer construction. With barb</p>
  • Daikichi Nymph H7031
    <p>Bronced hooks, perfect for construction of Nymph. Forced strength with X1. With barb, made in Japan.</p>
  • Daikichi Stonefly Nymph H7033
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en">The Daikichi Stonefly Nymph H7033 hooks are ideal for binding stonefly larvae. Made of ultrathin steel, with slightly curved hooks and ultrasharp point. <span>With barb, made in Japan.</span></span></p>
  • Daikichi Dry Fly H7011S
    <p>Perfect for tying dry flies or small nymph. Made with ultra light steel with ultra sharp barbless point. Made in Japan.</p>
  • Daikichi Fly 7251BN
    <p>Special Fly hooks for tying of Nymphs. X1 forced with Black Nickel Finish and barbless point. Made in Japan.</p>

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