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  • Daikichi Streamer H7041

    Streamer fly fishing hooks in bronzed colour, specially for Streamer construction. With barb

  • Daikichi Nymph H7031

    Bronced hooks, perfect for construction of Nymph. Forced strength with X1. With barb, made in Japan.

  • Daikichi Stonefly Nymph H7033

    The Daikichi Stonefly Nymph H7033 hooks are ideal for binding stonefly larvae. Made of ultrathin steel, with slightly curved hooks and ultrasharp point. With barb, made in Japan.

  • Daikichi Dry Fly H7011S

    Perfect for tying dry flies or small nymph. Made with ultra light steel with ultra sharp barbless point. Made in Japan.

  • Daikichi Fly 7251BN

    Special Fly hooks for tying of Nymphs. X1 forced with Black Nickel Finish and barbless point. Made in Japan.