Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line


  • Sunline Siglon FC 30m
    <p>100% fluorocarbon &amp; 1.78 high specific gravity. Fluorocarbon line with excellent balance of tensile strength, knot strength and stretch. Our own unique TRP processing for better slickness and abrasion resistance and more perfect knotting. Low water absorption for negligible strength loss underwater. Just the right amount stretch like nylon, but with good sensitivity due to low initial elasticity. </p> <p></p>
  • Sunline V-Plus Fluorocarbon 50mt
    <p>FLUOROCARBON 100%</p> <p>High specific gravity for outstanding control in seawater! Zero loss of strength underwater! With a refractive index close to that of seawater, reduces the spook factor!</p> <p>•●“Insta-stop” Spool</p> <p>Thin, compact spool for functionality and ease of storage. Spools out smoothly and lets you stop the line surely, quickly, and easily with the “Insta-stop” mechanism. Comes with a handy connected spool stopper.</p> <p>•●Non Stress Spooling</p> <p>Non Stress Spooling prevents curling and flattening, so your leader is always at its very best when you use it.</p>
  • Sunline Black Stream
  • Trabucco T-Force Fluorcarbon 50mt
  • Molix FC Operativ 75mt

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