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  • Decoy Worm7 Light Special Hook

    The Decoy Worm7 Light Special hook is made for finesse fishing. It's extremly sharp and pointed for better hooking.

  • Trabucco Hisashi Hooks 10608B-BL O.W.

    Specially developed for river trout fishing, it comes from competition experiences and respects the regulations of the regions where the barbed hooks aren’t allowed. The high point provides optimal holding and instant penetration thanks to barbless design, while the narrow angle is essential for the hookbait’s presentation. The long shank is a classic for the earthworm ; the bend is forged to provide the neccessary strength to lift trout out of from water.

  • Trabucco Hisashi 11026 Catfish

    This shape is absolutely the most popular and effective to fish for european catfish with live baits. Big sized barb allows to fight the fish for long time without any risk. The wide shape is perfect to rig big livebaits. Black nickel finish.

  • Decoy Super Fine Worm6 Hook

    The Decoy Super Fine Worm6 Hook is the best worm hook. It is made of a very thin-wire, ultra-tough and equipped with an ultra-sharp hook tip. The micro-barbs on the hook leg prevent slipping of the worm or a rubber bait.

  • Trabucco Akura 200NY

    The Trabucco Akura 200NY bucket hook is ideal for trout fishing due to its shape. It is made of a high quality carbon steel and equipped with an ultra-sharp hook tip.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items