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  • Vivid Tail 3"

    The Evergreen Classic shad tailed softbait. Re-introducing our vivid swimming, shad-tailed soft bait, Vivid Tail.Born for hunting to big bass and pike, has proved effective including offshore, in fact, thanks to its blend imbued with smell of shrimp is also very much appreciated from the sea bass.

    This time we have added salt, garlic and a special shrimp formula to spruce up the attraction.Vivid Tail works great on No-Sinker, Drop Shot and Split Shot Rigs. We can also recommend using Vivid Tail on our C.C.Round Jigs. Comes in many colors.

    Recall that the Vivid Tail of Evergreen, has been thought and designed by the great top angler world famous Kikumoto Toshifumi.Its attractive power also comes from the formula in the rubber mixture, mixed with salt, garlic and smell shrimp, this smell unleashes the voracity of predators.

  • C-4 Shrimp 2.8"

    The C-4 SHRIMP 2.8" of Evergreen without a doubt, bass will mistake this uniquely designed soft bait for a meal every time. This silhouette alone catches fish!! Comes in many colors.

    The C-4 shrimp is a premium scented soft plastic from Evergreen designed to imitate a small crustacean. These small critters will catch all manner of fresh water and salt water predators and have a great action for all lure fishing applications.

    The shrimp has a ribbed body for maximum vibration as well as lifelike limb movement. Also to be noted that the C-4 Shrimp has been awarded a major and strict certification OF the highest quality Japanese, the certification FECO.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items