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Fishing Accessoires

Fishing Accessoires

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  • Koffer und Transport
    <p>Die Koffer sind vielseitig einsetzbar wie z.B. in den Bereichen Nautik, Fotografie, Unterwassersport, Jagd, Fischerei.</p>
  • Angelkoffer und Boxen
    <p>Angelkoffer und Boxen sind wichtig, um Ihr Angelger&auml;t und Zubeh&ouml;r sicher und ordentlich aufzubewahren und zu transportieren.</p>
  • Bucket
    <p>Egal ob Sie eine Wanne f&uuml;r das Anmischen ihres Feederfutters, einen K&ouml;deerfischbeh&auml;lter lediglich eine Wurmdose suchen - unsere Eimer und Wannen beinhalten praktische L&ouml;sungen f&uuml;r viele Fragen.</p>
  • Taschen und Rucksäcke
    <p>Angeltaschen und Rucks&auml;cke dienen dem sicheren Transport von Ruten und K&ouml;dern zum Wasser.</p>
  • Rutentaschen
    <p>Wer kennt das nicht, man packt seine Ruten ins Auto und wenn man ankommt hat man dicke Kratzer in den Blanks</p>
  • Measures
  • Tungsten Bullet Weights
  • Fliegenboxen
  • Ice fishing
  • Rod Stand & Holder
  • Terminal Tackle
    <p>Special accessories for spinfishing</p>
  • Tool & Knives
  • Glue for fishing tackle
  • Fishinh Hooks
    <p>Hooks for every fishing type.</p>
  • Jigskinz
    <h2>RealLife - use the patterns that catch fish!</h2> <p>These skinz will conform to all shape and material lures. Wood, metal, lead and plastic are no problem. When removed there is no residue and no damage to the existing lure finish.</p> <p>There are sizes to cover small jigs up to large stickbaits, poppers and swimbaits.</p> <h2>JigSkinz are the best way to add new life to old, worn-out lures</h2> <p>This incredible innovation is the first of many JigSkinz® products that allows refitting, refurbishing and customization of any well used lure. Simply shrink a RealLife JigSkinz lure skin in seconds over any lure using only hot water to make it better than new!</p> <ul><li>Refinish your old, worn lures</li> <li>Customize lures to the patterns that catch fish</li> <li>Available in many colors and realistic saltwater and freshwater baitfish patterns</li> <li>Easy install - simply wrap over your lure and dip in hot water to shrink</li> <li>Sold 4 per package</li> </ul>
  • Floater
    <p>Accessories for fishing with floaters</p>
  • Mother of pearl foil
  • Jighead
  • Catfish Accessory
    <p><span id="result_box" xml:lang="en" lang="en">Catfish fishing is fundamentally different from all other fishing techniques. The catfish is the largest and strongest freshwater fish in Switzerland. Accordingly, for fishing on catfish robust, stable material is essential. In this category you will find everything you need for catfish fishing. Catfish rods, catfish reels, small parts for catfish fishing, poses etc.</span></p>
  • Carpfishing Accessory
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" xml:lang="en">In this category you will find everything you need for carp fishing.</span></p>
  • Spinfishing accessory
  • Lead
  • Räuchern
  • Filleting
    <p>Accessory for filleting</p>
  • Generic & More
  • Sbirolino
    <p>The Sbiroline, called in Italy also "Bombarde" is made for troutfishing.</p>
  • Rod holder
  • Landingnet
  • Berkley Baitmold
  • Bekleidung
  • Geschenkartikel

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