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  • Very NIce Eisfischen 2015
  • Fishspirit Event at Moossee

    Fishspirit Event at Moossee with presentation of new products.

  • SANA Seminar
  • Contests
  • Trout Opening Day 1.0

    The trout opening in Canton Berne is just around the corner! On this occasion, we invite you to our store in Berne, to discover numerous novelties, to speeches and to share the anticipation of the long-awaited end of the season.

    You can look forward to many things:

    > Release of numerous novelties from the brand Duo International, such as Ryuki Vib, Ryuki Single Hook, new colors and of course the special Swiss edition color "Torauto Seyshin".

    > Release of Hearty Rise Dinoi Rods

    > 10% discount off all Duo International Wobbler

    > Catering is provided

    > Tips and tricks from our trout cracks

  • Sommerevent "Tricolore"
  • Christmas Event
  • Voucher Advent Calendar