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Hearty Rise

Hearty Rise

Hearty Rise is a Taiwan Rod Manufacturer. The Brand Hearty Rise made its Name very quickly without a lot of Advertisement. The Recipe of their Success is very simple. Top quality at top prices, an honest strategy is proven effective and, above all enthusiastic fishermen! Anyone who fished once with a rod of Hearty Rise knows what we're talking about!


  • Hearty Rise Night Attack
  • Hearty Rise Agila
    <p>The Hearty Rise Agila has been developed for Trout fishing.Most Special of NET-V II is t toughness in soft action; meanwhile, fully exciting fighting with salmon and trout. Based on practicality, the whole Series includs from UL lures to large size Fishing. Cork and mable wood handle plus whole clear yellow Blank support you 100% fishing joy of the Nature Fishing.</p>
  • Hearty Rise Conqueror
    <p>Outfitted with light Weight, high sensitive Offers excellent operational Hand-feeling. Using MGS-Guide, the Casting will be more accurate and more durable. The new Metal and Cork butt promote Power on Blank. Its Resilience designed for Casting and Spinning can make you enjoy in Worm Fishing. Besides, Fuji newest Real Seat make its simple Style and high Quantity.</p>
  • Hearty Rise Cannoneer

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