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Offset - Widegap

The Classic Wide Gap is a hook with lowered profile and curve designed to improve the rigging of stick soft baits


  • Swimbait SWG OH 1000
  • Clasic Wide Gap
  • Decoy S.S. Finesse Hook Worm19
    <p>The Decoy S.S. Finesse Hook Worm19 is the perfect Offset hook for finesse fishing. It's superstrong and very sharp, so it can handle easily also big predators. It fits perfectly for rigs like Texas Rig, Carolina Rig and Dropshot. High Quality made in Japan.</p>
  • Decoy Kg Hook Worm17
    <p>The Decoy Kg Hook Worm 17 is an Allrounder. Because of it's classic body shape, it can be used for various fishing lures. It's a very strong and sharp hook, made in Japan.</p>
  • Decoy Hook Worm22
  • Decoy Worm30 Makisasu Hook
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" tabindex="-1">The Decoy Worm30 Makisasu Hook is super sharp and very fine wire. Perfect for our predators. The spiral is turned into the rubber bait and holds bombproof. Especially suitable for this system are soft baits with a high salt content or aromatic additives as they last much longer than on a standard Widegap hook.</span></p>
  • Decoy Rock'n Hook Worm29
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" tabindex="-1">The Decoy Rock'n Hook Worm29 is equipped with a special big eyelet. <span>Therefore, it is perfect for hanging in eyelets, split rings and especially for Cheburaska jig heads.</span></span></p>
  • Decoy KG Hook Magnum Worm26
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en" tabindex="-1">The Decoy KG Hook Magnum Worm26 is especially suitable for mounting large rubber fish. It was specially developed for the bigbaits and is sturdy enough to withstand even the big predators.</span></p>

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