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Wobbler sind aus keiner Köderkiste mehr wegzudenken. Von den anfänglichen, sehr einfach konstruierten, Holzködern ist nicht mehr viel übrig geblieben. Bis auf ein paar traditionelle, meist skandinavische Unternehmen, dominieren die asiatischen Hersteller den Markt. Die Wobbler sind heutzutage wahre Hightech-Produkte, welche auf Laufeigenschaften und Sinkverhalten optimiert werden. Durch die vielen verschiedenen Modelle, kann man mit diesen Ködern ausnahmslos jeden unserer heimischen Raubfische überlisten.

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  • Perch fishing hardlures
  • Pike fishing hardlures
  • Zander fishing hardlures
  • Trout fishing hardlures
  • Sea fishing hardlures
  • DUO

    Mr. Matsushita and Mr. Adachi form the duo, which founded the company in 1995, and since then produces the popular wobblers from Japan. Masahiro Adachi is now one of the world's best bait designers. It is important to them that the entire manufacturing process takes place in the same company. From the idea, the design, to the rough draft to the painting to the finished product. Thus, DUO guarantees that its artificial lures are implemented in the same way as planned.
    At the beginning of the company's history were the saltwater wobblers, which they have completely succeeded with the Minnow Slim 120 and the Tide Minnow. Both models are an integral part of saltwater fishing.

    The Spearhead Ryuki was later developed specifically for trout fishing, which shows that duo is also a top address in fresh water. Complemented by the chic Tetra Works and Pocopoco, Duo has become the darling of many Hartbait fans.

    The company Duo brings new exciting new products every year, which allows us to constantly expand our product range. In the online shop, you can always order the latest baits from Duo on invoice.

  • Raid Japan

    Raid Japan stands for highest Japanese quality and is an absolute hypermarket in Japan. The products of Raid Japan are extremely detailed and high-tech. The wobblers present themselves in beautiful, very detailed colors.

  • ValkeIN
  • BabyFace
  • Megabass

    Among the today’s products, you can easily see that computers finish them in a short time. On the other hand, please see Megabass. You all can find the hand-made warmth, especially, on its exterior. We, Megabass, produce not machine-made standardize mass-products but art works in large quantities by hand. This message is very important in such world as computers are in flood.

  • Handmade hardlures

    100% handmade wobblers. Each copy is a unique piece. Therefore, the delivered wobblers may differ slightly from the original image. Made in Europe.

  • Molix
  • Abu Garcia
  • Rapture
  • Fladen Fishing
  • sèbile
  • Hardlures set

    Set of different hardlures.

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Showing 1 - 28 of 346 items
Showing 1 - 28 of 346 items